Printed resources

Annual Reports, posters, brochures, postcards, business cards, signage, stickers, thank you cards, packaging, you name it.

I can turn your Annual Report from pages of figures into a key organisational document you can use for advocacy, funding applications, member and stakeholder engagement, and community education. They can be 50 pages long or a single A4 page, like this one I did recently that is chock full of infographics. The best part? All those infographics can (and have been) used as individual images for the organisation’s social media campaigns and other resources.

I can also come up with innovative promotional material for your project or product. See this project, for example: promo material I did for a pregnancy project aimed at young women – fridge magnets in the shape of pregnancy tests and some custom 3D packaging for them are a lot more intriguing than your regular run-of-the-mill brochures and notepads for conference satchels and the like.

Online resources

Web graphics, social media content, online reports and resources, infographics and images for your website, copywriting of website content, mailing list templates and images, and more. As the in-house graphic designer for Children by Choice I developed a whole suite of images and infographics for use across multiple formats and platforms, that all work together as a a whole but still make sense on their own. Check ’em out here.

Communications strategy and support

I can talk to you about your online and offline communications and help with campaign strategy, social media engagement and content, media, and advocacy planning. Graphic design doesn’t communicate on its own; good design is part of a web of communications strategies which make organisations effective at making change. I am passionate about this and would love to talk to you about how to tie in your website, social media, mailing lists, and media relations to one cohesive strategy to help you make the biggest difference you can to your clients and your community.