Reproductive Choice Australia: poster design

Poster infographic: abortion laws around Australia

Reproductive Choice Australia is the peak representative body of pro-choice organisations in Australia, and campaigns at state and federal levels on issues of abortion law and access and reproductive health. I spent a few years on their board, including one as Co President, and was really happy to help current Pres and super amazing abortion rights advocate Jenny Ejlak when she asked me to work with her on creating what turned out to feel like the world’s largest infographic, on abortion laws state by state around Australia.

The reason it had to be so big? Abortion laws are incredibly varied across jurisdictions (and spoiler alert: it’s still in the Criminal Code in more than one state), so presenting such a complex situation in a simple and straightforward way was a bit of a challenge for us. It’s had to be updated a couple of times in the past couple of years as jurisdictions slowly get around to bringing their abortion laws into the 21st century (hellooooo Queensland and New South Wales, whenever you’re ready guys), but it’s been presented as a poster and in presentations at two national conferences, used in several state abortion law reform campaigns, and is available to download from the RCA website.