Know4Sure: promotional material


Know4Sure was an initiative of Children by Choice, after a data analysis of client work showed that women aged 19 and under were more likely to be at a later gestation when they first presented to the service for decision-making counselling or for support accessing health services (which has a negative impact regardless of which pregnancy option young women are seeking to pursue; those wishing to continue the pregnancy miss out on vital prenatal care and testing, while those seeking a termination are faced with higher procedure costs and more limited services).

Know4Sure was aimed specifically at young women, with a website ‘in plain speak’ full of information about pregnancy and pregnancy testing and how to seek help. The logo was developed (not by me) in consultation with young women, for use across the website and the project’s promotional material. Innovative promotional resources were also required to help publicise the website’s launch to school nurses, youth workers and others supporting young women – which is where I came in.

The bright colours used in the logo were chosen by young women aged 14 to 18 as the most visually appealing to them. These colours were used throughout the website and promotional material, with a pale blue as the primary colour and the others used as accents or complements. A combination of patterns was also used throughout the material to create a youthful and dynamic feel.

Along with postcard size French fold brochures and posters aimed at young women, an additional resource was developed specifically for workers. This is a custom designed pack featuring the website address and logo on the front which folds out to display printed information about the website’s content and some general pregnancy information, as well as a 3D magnet in the shape of a pregnancy test with the logo and web address printed on it. This has been distributed to school based nurses and youth workers via a variety of channels, including in conference satchels, and it is hoped the magnets will be displayed on filing cabinets or fridges in common spaces in youth settings, so workers and young women alike will see them on a regular basis. How do we know they worked? Three years after the project wound up, we still have workers and young people asking if we’ve got any more of ‘those cool pregnancy test magnet things’!