Children by Choice: branding and resources


Children by Choice is a non-profit all options pregnancy counselling service based in Brisbane, where I work as the Communications Coordinator.  As part of my role I look after all brand related communications, including our website, social media, and printed resources, including content and graphic design.

During the past decade I’ve built a solid and recognisable brand for the organisation that communicates clearly across all platforms to a number of different audiences. I’m really proud of the look and feel of it all, as well as being able to present the work of such an amazing organisation – after ten years, the mission of the org is still something very close to my heart.

I’ve been responsible for all the graphic design elements of the organisation’s communications, from the design of all the website elements and layout (with thanks to our amazing web developer for making all my dreams come true) and all the content generation (honestly that website is like my child), to full sets of infographics for use across social media and online comms, project-related suites of resources, client information brochures and posters, and the Annual Reports from concept through to printing, including the content writing and layout.